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OtoTrak - Advanced Personal Watercraft (PWC) Management, Supervision & Security System for Yamaha Waverunner and Sea-doo.

"Keep track, increase security and maximize rental business potential with OtoTrak system"

What is OtoTrak?

Ototrak is the world’s first cloud-based remote control system for Yamaha & Sea-Doo personal watercrafts. With OtoTrak you can track and control an unlimited number of watercrafts from any location in the world with your smartphone or tablet. Ototrak’s patent pending technology provides the latest state of the art management, supervision, and security solution for personal watercraft owners.

Benefits of Using Ototrak

1)    Real-time PWC Tracking with Smartphone or Tablet

With OtoTrak, your PWC rental businesses can track simultaneously in real-time, any numbers of watercrafts on Google Map from any location globally on your smartphone or tablet. â€¨â€¨

2)    Geofence Safety Zone

Featureʉ۬Set a Geofence Zone that keeps the PWC rider in a predefined, safe-ride zone to avoid swimming areas, inlets, and/or any other restricted areas.

3)    Collision Reduction with Intelligence Distance Control (IDC)

OtoTrak’s Intelligent Distance Control (IDC) safety feature reduces the chances of PWC collisions. If two or more PWC’s are closer than 160 ft at speeds above 10 mph, the Ototrak system will automatically slow down the PWC’s to a pre-set minimum speed. After the PWC’s move away from each other, a full speed will be permitted again. The Geofence and IDC features significantly increase the safety of the rider, minimizing chances of personal injuries and damages to PWC’s.

4)    Sound Warning for Rental Time Expiration

With Ototrak, your PWC rental business can set a predefined rental time that provide a Sound Warning to the rider 2 minutes before the rental time expires. 

5)    Pre-Set Maximum and Minimum Speed Feature â€¨

Ototrak allows for a minimum and maximum speed to be set separately for each PWC in fleet. These features provide better engine sustainability and fuel economy.

6)    Reduce PWC Fleet Fuel Consumption

Ototrak allows for a maximum speed to be pre-set separately for each PWC in fleet. Setting maximum engine RPM to 80-85% can considerably reduce fuel consummation without having significant impact on maximum PWC speed. Keeping engine on lower RPM helps also with better engine sustainability and fewer service calls if PWC not operated on maximum RPM’s. We are sure that customer will not notice difference in maximum PWC speed with reduced RPM option but less fuel consummation up to 25% and fewer service calls will surly pay off investment in Ototrak system.

7)    Emergency Speed Feature

All of your PWC’s speed can be simultaneously reduced to a minimum, via mobile application if needed, or in a case of emergency. 

8)    Master, Geofence and Tour Mode Feature for increased PWC Rental Revenue

With the Ototrak mobile App, all PWC’s in fleet can be set instantly into a Master, Geofence or Tour Mode. Instead of having one or more PWC’s for an assigned employee to use as customer assistance, any PWC in your fleet can be set to unrestricted Master mode as needed or setback for renting into your Geofence or Tour Mode. This feature can additionally increase your PWC rental business revenue and allow you to similarly utilize all the PWC’s in fleet.

9)    Complete Daily Statistics Feature for Each PWC

Ototrak provides complete Daily Statistics which enables your PWC rental business to efficiently track each PWC’s total rental time, unauthorized use, and fuel economy.

10) Complete Multiple Remote Supervision and Management Feature From Any Location

Ototrak allows your PWC rental business with complete Remote Supervision and Management of your fleet on multiple locations, simultaneously maximizing your business potential.

11) Cost Effective Monthly Subscription Fee to Assure Improved PWC Safety and Management

With Ototrak, you are able to remotely supervise and manage your entire PWC fleet, track employee’s over use, protect your assets, and most importantly, provide higher safety for your customers and crew. 


Ototrak also provides GPS anti-theft solution with real-time tracking that protects business & personal assets and lower the insurance premiums.

OtoTrak system is installed by simply plugging in the OtoTrak module on any post-2009 Sea-Doo or Yamaha personal watercraft. There are no special procedures or tools required for the installation. 

Ototrak is pre-configured and comes with activated SIM card. After purchase, your distribuitor will provide username and password to log into mobile APP and start monitoring your PWC. iPhone/iPad Ototrak App can be downloaded from Apple Store. Android Ototrak App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Ototrak module can not be used without subscription for GSM mobile data and Cloud services!

Model: Ototrak
Price: From 430€

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