F200 F/G

F200 F/G

Product information

For exceptional power and acceleration, this clean, quiet, smooth, EFI-equipped engine is pretty tough to beat. Add economy, reliability and all-round performance - and you have the perfect choice.

Yamaha’s unique, fuel-efficient EFI system, micro-processor ECU, clean-burn technology and noise reduction systems are all designed to work seamlessly together, while the sophisticated diagnostic system shows engine and performance data via computer link, so maintenance is very quick - and simple.

Like all our EFI engines, the F200 can be linked directly to Yamaha's exclusive network system, which means you can choose from a wide range of advanced digital gauges and instruments.

Model: F200 F/G
Year: 2017
Product type: Motor- rango medio
Price: min: 20.051 £ - max: 21,277 £

Product features

Engine: 4 tiempos-4/In-line, 16-valve, DOHC with VCT
Comment: Peso con hélices:F200FETL: 226.0 kg, F200FETX:227.0 kg, FL200FETX:227.0 kg. 147,1kW / 5.500 rpm. Los datos en kW de esta hoja están basados en la norma de estándares ICOMIA 28 medido en el eje a la salida de la hélice,

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