Jet ski docks

We want our customers to enjoy their jet skis with the greatest possible ease when using them. That's why we have a mooring with more than twenty-five jet ski docks dedicated exclusively to our customers. These docks can be rented for a day, weekend, and month or for the entire season. Thanks to the great buoyancy of our docks, the jet skis are never in contact with seawater and remain as new.

We are exclusive importers in Spain of the American WaveArmor docks. These last-generation docks are characterized by it's high quality and it's ease of use.

This kind of docks has been designed to ensure a good protection of the hulls. It is easy to pull large machines off the port with these docks, even a young person could do it.

WaveArmor also offers a wide range of accessories to suit the needs of each client and mooring.

We also have a large stock of used docks from all brands.

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