Product information

The LOMAC 600 IN has a classic design, with a wide bow equipped with a platform on the float. The use of the roof is maximum, with a very practical distribution, which includes the possibility of mounting an arc of stainless steel.


At the stern, it has a large seat, which includes a folding backrest and great stowage capacity inside.


The console is straight and classic lines, which incorporates the seat in the front profile.


Three chests occupy the foredeck, which becomes an expandable solarium.


The helmet type Twinshell admits a power of up to 150 HP, and emphasizes its comfort and very good features during navigation.

Model: 600 IN
Product type: Semirrígida
Location: Roses - Empuriabrava
Maximum passengers: 12
Price: from 23.180€ + VAT, engine not included

Product features

Length: 5.95 m
Beam: 2.47 m
Engine: 90 - 150 CV
Water capacity: 54 L
Fuel capacity: 95 L
Electronics: Panel instrumentos - GPS y Sonda Opcional
Comment: Equipamiento de serie: Consola completa, volante poliuretano, Pasamanos en Inox, Parabrisas, Panel instrumentos, cuadro eléctrico con 6 interruptores y 6 fusibles, Dirección mecánica reforzada, Cojín asiento piloto y copiloto, Escalera de baño de inox incorporada, Mesa, Roldana de proa en Inox, Solarium de popa, Depósito combustible Inox de 95 Lts, con sonda nivel, extractor de gases, electroválvula y filtro de gasolina totalmente instalado, Bomba de achique eléctrica instalada, Pagayas, hinchador y Kit de reparación. Equipamiento opcional: Molinete eléctrico de 500 W. con mando en consola, instalado, poste de esquí, Roll Bar de Inox diám. 40 twister / Roll bar de Inox con toldo integrado / Roll bar de traccion con toldo integrado, Capota Parasol de Aluminio, Capota parasol Inox a Roll Bar, Luces de navegación para Roll-Bar, Solarium de proa, Kit ducha con depósito de 54 Lts., Lona de consola y asiento, dirección hidráulica.

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